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Outdoor Screen Protection

We are a division of the worlds leading manufacturer of outdoor digital signage enclosures, these units range from a small 17 inch display enclosure up to a huge 80″ display, these displays can either be plasma, LCD or even LED displays.

We are all aware that any electronic signage needs protection outdoors so a weatherproof housing is required, some solutions also come with vandal proof hardware to prevent unauthorized access of the signage equipment.

With a team of 40 engineers to manufacture our range of solutions, they are confident that their solution will be both high quality and at an affordable price.

Video of our portrait flat panel enclosures.

These units are available in NEMA 4 and 4X, supplied in coated steel or stainless steel, to suit your applications. So no matter if the outdoor digital signage solution is going in Norway, Canada or even Texas and Florida there is a solution that will protect the signage hardware and that is in an LCD enclosure.

With over 21 years manufacturing protective housings for electronics, we are the company to be trusted to bring your project in on time and on budget.

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What is a digital signage enclosure?

An outdoor digital signage enclosure is a protective housing that keeps all the electronic hardware safe from harm and the climate, ensuring the service for the digital advertising solution is uninterrupted. These protective housings come complete with internal mounting frames for the screens and each unit comes with a cooling system and a heating solution is offered for extremely cold climate.

You can checkout ProEnc enclosures youtube page.

They now offer a solution for the home sector that is more cost effective.

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We offer a range of solutions from indoor digital posters to protective TV enclosures.