LCD Enclosures

LCD Enclosures

We offer a wide range of steel and stainless steel protective housings and these have been used for the past number of years to provide adequate protection for outdoor digital signage applications, now with the costs of the screens falling, domestic users are leaning towards an outdoor TV casing to protect the TVs they install in their backyards.

Protective TV housings are not only used for outdoor digital signage.

Our range of outdoor enclosures are used in back yards to protect home flat screen TVs, outdoor digital signage and now these are being deployed in factories that have started using LCD and plasma screens for shop floor data collection.

lcd enclosures
The LCD enclosures are available for screens from 17″ up to and including 80″ flat screen displays. There are some key challenges to look at which will be discussed in our blog over the next couple of months. But the most cost effective way to have a TV outdoors is to use our protective housing, manufactured from steel and epoxy powder coated or we also offer a range of stainless steel solution too for heavy duty applications, such as on the beach or harbor where there is a high concentration of salt in the air.

We price ourselves in providing a cost effective protective, outdoor casing for any time of screen, no matter if it is to be used for outdoor digital signage or just to install a screen near your pool.

We also offer a range of special protective housings that are used in mental health facilities, ensuring the screens and protected form harm and the patients cannot self harm on the units.

Installation information.

Our units have quick release internal hinges for instant access to the display for installation purposes and the access door is locked with 2 high security locks as standard.

Mounting the screen is simply, you just mount it using the VESA pattern on the rear of the screen to the internal screen mount that will accommodate VESA patterns from 100 x 100 to 600 x 400. These outdoor digital signage enclosures are used throughout the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe providing a safe, secure environment for signage hardware.