Outdoor Digital Signage

What is Outdoor Digital Signage?

Outdoor digital signage is also called dynamic advertising and is advertising using and deploying the latest in technology to provide unique, jaw dropping advertising campaigns, these campaigns are being sold for $10,000′s per slot in high profile areas such as Times Square, but the issue with outdoor digital signage is that finding and deploying outdoor signage equipment can be costly and on a long lead time, now using an LCD enclosure from LCD Enclosure USA standard signage hardware can be deployed outdoors in all sorts of hostile environments.

Outdoor digital signage hardware.

This hardware can range from industrial grade advertising screens that are waterproof, or a regulare LCD, plasma or LED screen (television), wired to a media player that is used to stroe and broadcast the adverts.

So no matter if you want a weatherproof or vandal proof LCD enclosure, we have the solution at an affordable price.

Your outdoor digital signage may need to be controlled all over the world, so here you would need an Internet based media player, this would allow you to update fresh, new content throughout the outdoor digital signage network at a click of a mouse, when ever you needed to update the adverts.

outdoor digital signage

LCD Enclosure USA offer a range of outdoor digital signage protective enclosures as well as the actual outdoor digital signage hardware.